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Paragon Medical is firmly committed to the responsible management of environmental resources through all aspects of production and business. As a global industry leader, Paragon Medical is aware that business activity can have adverse effects on climate, ecological systems and public health. Recognizing this, we are dedicated to reducing our global footprint and promoting environmental stewardship on all organizational levels.

Through the integration of Lean management, safe technologies and recycling, Paragon Medical strives to minimize pollution and waste, conserve resources and support renewable energy resources. As part of this commitment, Paragon Medical consistently endeavors to identify and purchase environmentally preferable supplies and services for all our daily operational needs and company activities where economically feasible.

Paragon Medical believes that every individual shares equally in protecting global resources. To help facilitate our environmental objectives, Paragon Medical educates and empowers employees and staff regarding their part in promoting a healthy environment and community. These efforts extend to suppliers and contractor relationships. Paragon Medical encourages contractors and suppliers serving or otherwise acting on behalf of the organization to meet our standards of environmental commitment.

Our goal is to continually improve our environmental performance and to initiate additional activities and projects that will further reduce our impacts on the airways, waterways and land. A healthy environment benefits this generation, as well as subsequent future generations. Therefore, the Paragon Medical commitment to environmental stewardship is perpetual.


Toby Buck
Chairman, President, & CEO


II. Specific examples of the Paragon Medical environmental objectives in action:

  • We apply methods to eliminate waste streams related to isopropyl alcohol used in our manufacturing processes. Paragon Medical utilizes an internal isopropyl alcohol recycling program, which reduces purchasing and promotes little or no waste streams.
  • Within our various facilities, we have employed centrifuges to separate coolant and metals, which are each recycled following this process.
  • Manufacturing products and byproducts, such as wood from pallets, silicone and plastic, are recycled continually under the direction of the Paragon Lean Management Team.
  • Metal scrap is consistently recycled, either internally within our facilities, or externally, through environmentally friendly facilities.
  • Energy sources are continually reviewed for efficiency, which resulted in Paragon Medical replacing manufacturing lighting with eco-friendly products.
  • Paragon Medical also donates certain metal oddments to area vocational schools, to be used for training purposes. Through this method, we aid and support human resources within the community, as well as foster Green Company goals.
  • Teams within Paragon Medical evaluate safety and environmental efficiency of all new equipment, chemicals and processes. Written management plans to prevent emergencies are developed and appropriate training is provided.

III. General Strategies to Achieve our Objectives:

General strategies to achieve the Paragon Medical environmental goals include:
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental and safety legislation that relates to Paragon Medical operations.
  • Minimize production waste by evaluating operations and ensuring efficiency.
  • Follow dedicated policies to recycle metals and other products, internally within our manufacturing divisions and externally through environmentally friendly recycling facilities.
  • Establish a green office environment through reducing printing, recycling all sustainable products and the purchase and use of energy efficient equipment.
  • Actively promote recycling among Paragon Medical’s contractors and suppliers.
  • Evaluate and pursue opportunities to increase purchasing of environmentally friendly products.
  • Provide a workplace that is safe and healthful and ensure workers and staff are adequately trained and have appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
  • Perform in-depth audits and self-assessments for compliance with this policy. The goal of Paragon Medical environmental and safety audits will be to measure progress and provide additional guidance.

IV. Employee Awareness and Involvement

It is essential to the implementation of this policy that all employees are aware of the critical part they play in conserving the Earth’s resources. Therefore, all employees, management and staff will receive a copy of this policy and be given information about Paragon Medical expectations in regard to environmental goals and strategies. At every level of this Organization, employees shall be actively involved in maintaining our goals.

V. Paragon Medical Sustainability Programs:

2014/2015 Achievements:

  • Water use reduction: Reduced Paragon Medical’s overall water consumption by 37%
  • Paperwork reduction: 40% reduction in shipment paperwork
  • Community Investment: Supported 25+ community based programs

2016 Goals:

  • Water use reduction: Reduce Paragon Medical’s overall water consumption by an additional 5%
  • Paper reduction activities: Continue internal recycling programs and actively partner with our clients in LEAN projects to reduce paper usage and establish reduction goal of at least 10%
  • Paragon Sustainability Team: Establishment of team to establish corporate sustainability goals and programs
  • Community investment: Continue to support at least 25 Community based programs with staff and financial participation
  • Improve Safety: Reduce overall incident rate by 10%
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