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Paragon Medical designs and manufactures a full line of custom and standard cases and trays. Count on us for everything from upfront services to full production. With Paragon, you'll enjoy unique, cost-effective solutions from our design teams as well as reduced lead-time, thanks to our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Plus, choose from polymer, metal, or a hybrid (metal / polymer).


For maximum-level protection. Specifically designed for larger and heavier instruments. Choose from aluminum or stainless steel.


For lightweight, durable protection. Customized cavities provide a perfect fit.


For maximum protection without the weight. Durable metal outer case and customized polymer inner trays.


Case with photo-quality graphic anodizing

For ultimate visual impact, we offer a photo-quality graphic anodizing process, and 3D instrument illustration silk-screening.

Radel® R-5000

Paragon Medical utilizes the highest medical grade polymer, Radel® R-5000 resin. Radel® R-5000 resin offers the highest impact strength and has been proven to withstand repetitive sterilization cycles for major sterilization methods.

We custom extrude polyphenylsulfone and polysulfone as well as other engineered plastic sheets in a variety of standard and custom colors in both translucent and opaque. Our one-of-a-kind polymer extrusion line sets Paragon apart as the only supplier in the world who extrudes their own raw material, allowing us the opportunity to do custom colors in small lot sizes. Paragon leads the way for polymer production as a test site for Solvay Specialty Polymers, developer of Radel® R, giving us expertise that also sets us apart from the industry.

Solvay Specialty Polymers - Radel® R-5000 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Standard Cases & Trays

Need to get your product to the market quickly? Standard case and tray systems allow for shortened development cycles and come in various sizes. Sample Case Express™ is tailored for quick turnaround for clinical trials, surgeon evaluations, and other low-volume, low-cost needs. Sample Case Express™ products are flexible, modular, and reusable, accommodating future product launches.

Sample Case Express

Sample Case Express™

High-speed case creation service. Using standard case components (ParaMID™ and accessories), this is your quickest route to getting a custom case. Flexible enough to create individual product systems that can be reused for future product launches. Let Paragon assist you in getting a jump-start to meet those critical deadlines, clinical trials, surgeon evaluations or one-time-use situations.



  • Protect your instruments from costly repairs with a lightweight, all-polymer system
  • Arthroscopic instrument cases and trays
  • Cushion Mats™ protect delicate instruments
  • Can be purchased in full sets with insert trays, or as individual components
  • Personalize with color 3D silk-screening or laser etching

An Integrated Approach to Reusable Rigid Containers

closed container

Paragon Medical and Aesculap®, the market leader in reusable rigid containers, have teamed up to offer customized closed sterile container systems to the orthopaedic medical device community. Paragon has marketing and distribution rights to design internalized custom containment solutions utilizing the Aesculap closed sterile container system, SterilContainer™. The partnership addresses a market demand for customized closed sterile containers without sacrificing the look and feel of a custom containment system.

The Paragon Advantage

  • The provision of a sterile vessel.
  • Single source, turnkey provider.
  • Internal custom containment solutions designed for the Aesculap SterilContainer™, the market leader in rigid containers.
  • Cost effective alternative to the hospitals due to the elimination of sterile wrap.
  • Improved brand recognition during the sterilization process and storage.
  • Satisfies the increasing demands from hospitals requiring closed container solutions be present with loaner instruments sets.

Available Sizes:

  • Full DIN
  • 3/4 DIN
  • 1/2 DIN

For more information on custom closed solutions, please contact us at or

Please visit the Aesculap website for more information on SterilContainer™.

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SterilContainer is a trademark of Aesculap
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